Home Hill 2016 Estate Pinot Noir

Home Hill 2016 Estate Pinot Noir

Winery : Home Hill

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Glistening deep magenta with beautiful clarity. The aromas bound forth in a 'cavalcade of black fruits' - currants and bramble-berries - with an overlay of vanilla from good French oak. The flavours blossom in the mouth and sweep across the palate. Texture is all here. It is already so plump and silky but with youthful juiciness. The fine tannins are completely integrated and serve only to do their job of helping the beautiful pinot flavours to linger long.

Masterful wine from one of Australia's acknowledged icon pinot producers, in a great vintage. Home Hill is at Ranelagh in Tasmania's Huon Valley.

Home Hill Estate is at Ranelagh in Tasmania's Huon Valley. Since the remarkable 2005 Home Hill Pinot Noir, which won the (then) Tri Nations Trophy, Home Hill in Tasmania's Huon Valley has produced a stand-out pinot in each vintage. Owner Terry Bennett's viticulture and the Lipscombe's winemaking is a winning combo.

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