• Veal Saltimbocca


    Recipe by Michele Round, Pinot Shop Australia

     A perfect pairing for the 2015 Goaty Hill Pinot Noir 

    Saltimbocca, literally jump in mouth, can take a couple of forms. Some versions simply layer small pieces of veal, sage leaves and ham (raw or cooked) and skewer the package together. Elizabeth David is all for the rolled version, and that was my preference as I had secured a whole tenderloin of pale veal.

    Cut the slices of veal, slightly obliquely, about 1.5-2cm thick and then you should be able to gently pound them out (with the flat of the mallet) between two sheets of plastic wrap to about 12cm in diameter. They need to be thin, without breaking up. You can use prosciutto or cooked ham.  Prosciutto should be very thin, while the ham needs to be sliced a little more than 1mm thick.

    The sage should be present but not overpowering. One leaf will be enough if you are using ‘traditional’ long-leaved sage. If your leaves were untimely ripped from the mother plant as were mine, you can use a couple per saltimbocca.

    Veal saltimbocca

    very thin slices of veal (as above): 2-3 per person

    pieces of ham (cooked or raw) cut the same size as the veal

    fresh sage leaves

    well-seasoned flour

    olive oil

    knob butter

    100ml dry Italian Marsala –labelled as secco.

    1 lemon

    salt flakes to taste

    extra butter

    extra sage leaves

    Lay a slice of ham on each piece of veal. Pop a sage leaf on top. Roll up from the widest point and secure with toothpicks. Flour lightly, shaking off any excess. Heat the oil and butter in a non stick fry pan and cook quickly on all sides until brown.

    Add the Marsala to the pan, letting it bubble. Squeeze over the lemon. Add salt to taste and scatter with sage leaves. Cover with a lid and cook the saltimbocca over moderate heat for about 8 minutes. At the end of the cooking time, check seasoning, add a few small cubes of butter to the sauce and shake the pan around well to bind the sauce. Serve the saltimbocca immediately, moistened with the sauce.