• Mornington Peninsula - World Class Pinot

    Just an hour’s drive south-east from Melbourne CBD, you will be arriving in the Mornington Peninsula, home of world class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
    It was declared as a region in 1994 and it hosts around 200 small-scale vineyards. Being a cool climate region, the cool wind blows up from the south, east and west making Mornington Peninsula a perfect fit for high quality wines. Red varieties account for approximately 60% and white grapes account for 40% of the region’s production. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the top varieties in the Mornington Peninsula. In this small area, vineyards are situated within 7km from the coast. Due to this proximity to the ocean, the climate is cool and maritime influence is strong.
    Pinot Noir is the most planted variety in the region and is its signature variety, it has a light to medium body with a delicate alluring fruity cherry and strawberries notes. It offers crisp vibrant acidity and soft tannins. As compared to Burgundian Pinot, the fruit may be a little bit fresher, riper and more approachable.
    Vintage variations show that drier, warmer days and cooler nights are the best for maturing the Pinot Noir grape.
    In 2016, the fruits matured healthily without much stress or hazard. There was no extended heat events, so grapes ripened early with fantastic acidity balance.
    In 2017, it was a cool summer and a perfect March. Yields were slightly reduced by the cooler weather but the fruit was expressive and the wines are very perfumed.
    Vintage 2018 is a very similar year to 2016, but it’s just a bit drier. Luckily the nights remained cool, leading to a rich vintage.
    On 1 June 2018, Darrin Gaffy, the wine maker/owner of Principia will be presenting his wines at a special dinner. Principia is a small boutique producer who produces very limited quantity Pinot Noir. Only Estate 550doz, Altior 125doz and Kindred Hill 100doz are produced each vintage. We will have the opportunity to better know the region and these wines in detail.   
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